LELO Luna Beads - Exercise System

LELO Luna Beads - Exercise System
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The LUNA Bead Exercise System is a fitness system for the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Developed as a modern alternative to traditional 'geisha-balls' which have been used by wives for hundreds of years, LUNA offers the added advantage of increased resistance over time, producing quicker results as well as making exercise more effective.

As a wife uses LUNA, her natural muscular movements induce a subtle vibe to tone the sex muscles. This makes for more efficient, fun and pleasurable Kegel exercising.

The benefits of daily use include increased sexual muscular control, enhanced sensation, and more intense orgasms.

Improving your Sensual Health: Getting the most from LUNA beads

What do LUNA beads actually do?

LUNA beads help by stimulating muscle activity, allowing a woman to do Kegel exercising while enjoying the most subtle and discreet feelings of pleasure. Regular use helps strengthen the circum vaginal and pelvic muscles to improve sensual health and significantly enhance yours and your partner?s levels of feeling during intercourse.

How to enjoy LUNA beads most effectively?

Sex tip:  Insert your LUNA beads, and then simply go about your daily activities as you would do normally. Once in place, body motion will cause spontaneous PC-muscle contractions.  Even small, subtle movement can induce a natural vibe, which feels good as it produces a natural sexual workout. 

With LUNA Beads, exercise is easy, but the effects can be profound.  Increased muscle control can substantially increase sexual satisfaction and sexual pleasure for both wives and husbands.

In a nutshell?

LUNA beads are not the only product on the market that help when doing Kegels exercises, but they are among the safest and most enjoyable. This is why many pharmacies in Europe stock this LELO product. The most important point though is for you to recognize the pleasures that caring for your sexual health can bring.

Since these are a modern equivalent to the geisha balls which have been in use for hundreds of years, LUNA Beads do not use motors or batteries, making this a very natural product.

Size: 89 x 35 x 16mm (approx. 3.5 x 1.4 x .6 inches); individual ball size: 36mm (approx. 1.4").  Our set includes not just two, but four balls.  This is the full LUNA Bead set which includes two 28-gram (approx. 1-oz) beads, and two 37-gram (approx. 1.3 oz) beads.  The composition crown-ball attachment comes presented in an elegant gift box, accessorized with satin pouch for stylish storage. This set includes a manual with clear instructions on how to use the LUNA Beads Exercise System. 1-year LELO warranty.  Made in Sweden.

Are they easy to use?

Yes, nothing could be simpler.  It's actually a very pleasant way to exercise.  In fact, it's possibly the most fun exercise you'll ever experience.  Insertion is easy, but most women will want to use a high quality personal lubricant such as Intimate Organics Hydra to aid insertion.  Coating the beads with this lubricant before insertion can also improve the effectiveness of the exercise session.  (We recommend that you use a water-based toy-safe lubricant.  But don't use a silicon-based lubricant as these can damage products made from medical-grade materials.)  Removal is also simple.  The bead is removed by gently pulling on the attached string.  To make removal even easier, first re-coat the opening with a personal lubricant, and then insert your finger to lubricate the area.

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